Yes, it could Los Angeles! The giant sinkhole that swallowed up a large area in Guatemala could happen here! The giant sinkhole in Guatemala consumed several homes, businesses and killed three people. The sinkhole was not an act of Mother Nature, it happened because of a faulty sewer pipe. This problem is happening all over the United States and all over the world. It is becoming an epidemic. Last year the United States saw many sink holes happening in their cities and Los Angeles was not immune. We had our fair share here. The largest one was a 30 foot deep sinkhole that went down half of the Pacific Coastal Highway near Malibu. To add insult to injury, so to speak, another main just miles away shut down a whole subdivision and beach area. Municipalities and plumbing contractors, you are our first line of defense in this growing problem. Call Perma-Liner and discover what our trenchless technology can offer you. Our toll-free number here at Perma-Liner is 866-336-2568 or visit our website at

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It Couldn’t Happen Here... Could It?
It Couldn’t Happen Here… Could It?

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