California Property Owners Being Educated on Water Damage


Water damage to a home or business can be extremely costly. It can be anything from natural flooding, an indoor plumbing leak, or a sanitary sewer overflow. Despite the cause of the damage, the water may contain bacteria, mold, chemicals, etc. and cause damage to structures, furnishing, and any belongings in the home or business. […]

Know your Sewer System- Prepare for a Disaster

When a natural disaster occurs, it’s important to know how to protect yourself and your belongings. It’s a good idea to know the basics in order to be safe and prepared.  Be sure to strap down your water heater so it meets safety codes. Consider hiring a professional plumber for this.  In California, when an […]

Los Angeles Bike Share and Compost Initiatives


While other cities within California have already initiated a clever Bike Share program, Los Angeles is just getting going with this creative idea. This is intended to begin as a pilot program with a 1000 bike capacity. By spring or summer of 2016, Downtown could have access to about even more than 1,000 bike share […]

Los Angeles’ Clever Stormwater Agenda

The Santa Fe Spreading Grounds, located off the San Gabriel River, is one of 26 such facilities operated by the Los Angeles County Flood Control District for groundwater recharge. During an average year of rainfall, the District returns close to 85 billion gallons of stormwater, recycled water and imported water to groundwater basins — enough […]

Los Angeles’ Blueprint for Storm Water Management


Driven by years of drought and new, unprecedented restrictions on water use, Los Angeles is taking an innovative approach to reduce future reliance on imported water, in addition to taking preventive measures for a predicted weather trend of heavier, more intense precipitation. The Santa Fe Spreading Grounds, located off the San Gabriel River, is one […]

Los Angeles’ Joint Water Pollution Control Plant


Seventeen independent districts in the Los Angeles Sanitation Districts’ partnership are joined together to share a regional, interconnected sewage system called the Joint Outfall System (JOS).  These 17 Sanitation Districts serve 73 cities and unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.  The JOS provides the benefit of local water control and the advantage of a shared […]

Live Demonstrations Coming Soon!


LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS REGISTRATION JUNE 16TH – 18TH JAM PACKED WITH LIVE DEMOS & THE LATEST CIPP TECH. TUESDAY, JUNE 16TH THRU THURSDAY JUNE 18TH Don’t miss this three day event at our corporate facility in sunny Florida! This event will be jam packed with live demonstrations and the latest CIPP technology. Live Demonstrations: Perma-Main™ Continuous Lining Top […]

Join us on May 20th! Grand Opening!

Perma Lateral

ILLINOIS GRAND OPENING! MAY 20, 2015 This ONE-day event is jam-packed with live demonstrations and the latest CIPP technology! Register: or 1-866-336-2568 DEMONSTRATIONS: Continuous Lining Top Gun F-6 & Top Gun F-10, Perma-LateralTM Lining with Steam and Hot Water Cure, Sectional Point Repair, Pull In Place, Reinstatement Cutters… and more! SHOW SPECIALS: Specials will […]


Got Profit? Zero Down. No Payments for 90-Days. Package Includes 600 FT of Liner Materials (Liner, Calibration Tube, Pull Tape and Epoxy Resins) VISIT OUR WEBSITE BREAKDOWN TO PROFIT: – 600 feet minus 50 feet in waste = 550 FT – Average Perma-Lateral™ liner installed pricing $75.00 – $100.00 a foot. – 550 FT x […]


Check out the schedule below and call 1-866-336-2568 to reserve your spot! ONE-ON-ONE TIME WITH FIELD TECHNICIANS, DEMONSTRATIONS: Perma-LateralTM Lining with Steam Cure, Sectional Point Repair, Manhole Rehabilitation, Perma-MainTM Continuous Lining Top Gun F-10, Reinstatement Cutters… and more! SHOW DISCOUNTS: Discounts will be announced during the event and available only to attendees during the 3 […]