While other cities within California have already initiated a clever Bike Share program, Los Angeles is just getting going with this creative idea. This is intended to begin as a pilot program with a 1000 bike capacity. By spring or summer of 2016, Downtown could have access to about even more than 1,000 bike share bicycles at 65 stations. Bikes will be available at Union Station; along Broadway and Figueroa by the Staples Center; at USC; and at subway, Expo, and Blue Line station. Once Downtown’s up and running smoothly, the plan is to get moving on stations in Pasadena. There are 34 proposed hubs for the city, which would make 490 bikes available and would include “docking stations” largely concentrated in the Old-Town-y region south of the 134, plus at Gold Line stations from Allen to Fillmore.

Interesting Fact: Did you know Tulare Lake Compost, located on less than 200 acres of a 14,562-acre site in Kings County, is a state-of-the-art, aerated, static pile composting facility? The facility has the capacity to convert up to 500,000 tons of anaerobically digested and dewatered bio solids and 400,000 tons of agricultural waste materials each year into a valuable compost product. Composting produces a stabilized, organic material that will be incorporated into depleted topsoil on the remainder of the San Joaquin Valley site to increase the productivity of the agricultural land by improving moisture retention, porosity, and nutrient conditions in the soil. Tulare Lake Compost is another example of the Sanitation Districts’ commitment to converting waste into resources.


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