Los Angeles Residents Use Caution: Sinkhole and Heavy Storms Create Hazard

Recently, the City of Los Angeles has experienced fluctuations to the usual weather pattern. The same situation goes for other areas of the Golden State. While some of the changes in the forecast have been good, such as an improvement in drought-like conditions, others have caused heavy flooding and treacherous conditions. Seemingly at opposite ends of the spectrum. While the city is on a mission to build more sustainable infrastructures for these unfortunate events, there have been evacuations caused by inclement weather, erosion damage created by the massive water flows being released from the reservoir, as well as the continuing climate change and drought concerns. The most recent cause for concern occurred when a 20-foot sinkhole created a hazardous condition, as well as the need to repair and rehabilitate a sewer pipeline. The sinkhole which is located on Woodbridge Street, just east of Laurel Canyon Boulevard, will remain inaccessible until the corrections are completed. The sinkhole occurred when part of a 48-inch pipe eroded away and the soil between the top of the pipe and the street placed a burden on the asphalt above the pipeline, causing it to collapse. Maintenance crews are in the process of installing large steel shoring boxes that straddle the underground sewage pipe. This will include reinforcing the area of the street and soil surrounding the pipeline, in order to prevent another buckle. Once shoring is complete, the debris will be removed from the sewer and rehabilitations will begin on the concrete pipe.

Important reminder: When living in areas of flood risk, there are a few things to consider in order to remain safe. If you experience flash flooding, move to higher ground and/or the highest point in your home. Stay out of riverbeds and flood control channels during the storm, as water flow during a storm is erratic and potentially hazardous. In the event of thunderstorms, take shelter in a sturdy building. Avoid isolated sheds, garages or small structures in open areas and avoid contact with electrical equipment or cords. And follow evacuation orders immediately.


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