The city of Los Angeles has been proactive in its approach while conducting in-depth evaluations on water conservation. The recovery continues from the multi-year drought and finding alternate means to better the water infrastructure systems have been a vital aspect in making long term improvements.  Some of the research has included an interesting analysis of how significant water loss arises from the overwatering of trees and lawns. The process is called evapotranspiration, or evaporating water from plant leaves. When massive volumes of storm water overwhelm treatment plants, forcing contaminants such as of oil, brake dust, and heavy metals into nearby waterways, the result can be unfavorable. In large cities, such as Los Angeles, projects to help the environment consist of implementing green solutions, preventing water from flowing into the storm drains. This can be done by replicating the earth’s natural filtering systems. However, relying on natural means is a gradual process but ultimately prevents an inundated system or flooded embankments. This strategy is a long term investment in green infrastructure that will not only curb storm water flow but have a lasting impact on conservation throughout Los Angeles and beyond.

Sewer overflow advisory: recently, a blocked sewer main caused approximately 500 gallons of raw sewage in a neighborhood near Los Angeles.  The pipeline has been cleared but also resulted in up to 200 gallons of sewage captured in a storm drain. Advisory signs were posted from where the sewage entered the drainage channel and for a mile downstream, ending at Los Angeles Avenue and Fifth Street. As a precaution, use care when near water involved in an overflow.

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