Three California State Parks have received the go-ahead to rehabilitate their sewers systems. The funding will come from The Clean Beaches Initiative Grant Program for Doheny State Beach, El Capitan State Beach and Carpinteria State Beach for repairs to infrastructure. Some of the sewage systems are approximately 50 years old and are nearing the end of their optimum effectiveness. One of the beach’s sewers is attached to a bridge and flows over a creek. The on-site wastewater treatment facility at El Capitan State Beach in Santa Barbara County is at capacity-and is showing early signs of failure at the waste discharge site. This project will be delicate as the land was once Chumash Indian ground and contains archaeological finds throughout the park.  An area of RV campground at Carpinteria State Beach has sewer hookups for campers to empty out waste from the RVs, but they are also reaching the end of their life and will be replaced. It’s anticipated that project will take approximately three years to complete. Construction will begin once the grant agreements, project designs and cost estimates are finalized.

More sewer news: the City of Malibu has big news!  It will soon begin construction on the new Civic Center Wastewater Treatment Facility. The project is considered Malibu’s largest infrastructure improvement plan. The building of the large-scale wastewater facility is to effectively replace septic tanks. In recent years, Malibu has kept a careful eye on environmental issues and is becoming a front-runner in the plight against pollution. The city is dedicated to protecting the ocean, beaches, water, and community. After completion, the new facility will provide Malibu with 70 million gallons of recycled water per year, which can be used for irrigation or other landscaping needs.

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