The City of Los Angeles has approved pipe lining methods along with Perma-Liner. Perma-Liner specializes in CIPP/Perma-Lateral Lining Systems! Perma-Liner uses “no-dig” technology to re-line damage sewer pipes. Normal felt liners easily stretch but only Perma-Liner offers non stretch pipe lining materials that are also environmentally safe. PVC coated and scrim reinforced liner can repair lines 2” to 8” in diameter. Perma-Liner met the City of Los Angeles strict requirements in sewer rehabilitations because our non-stretch liner. The Perma-Lateral liner allows the installer to install the liner through the existing building sewer pipeline to the city main sewer connection without stretching into the city sewer main. If you want more info on how Perma-Liner is keeping your city’s pipes safe, call us anytime!

[box type=”bio”]For more information on Perma-Liner Pipelining Products, please visit us on the web. We are the trenchless pipelining experts. On our website we have a full range of pipelining products, pipelining equipment, and pipelining materials. You can check out our: PERMA-LATERAL AIR INVERSION system, PERMA-LATERAL PULL IN PLACE pipelining system, INNERSEAL INNERWRAP pipelining system, PERMA-MAIN system, SECTIONAL POINT REPAIR pipelining system, and our amazing PERMA-PATCH lining system. If you have any questions, you can contact one of our pipelining experts and we will answer your questions very quickly! You can also apply to become a certified Perma-Liner pipelining installer on our website. Check out our Perma-Liner U.S. Tour as well. Thanks for visiting one of our pipelining blogs![/box]

Perma-Liner offers non stretch pipe lining materials
Perma-Liner offers non stretch pipe liningPerma-Liner offers non stretch pipe lining materials materials

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