Los Angeles, Red Lilly, a Certified Installer for Perma- Liner™ Industries, LLC. Red Lilly Plumbing and Rooter have serviced Los Angeles since 1924. Red Lily getting great reviews from happy customers for their Trenchless Technology repairs, methods and products that were certified through Perma-Liner™. Perma-Liner™ offers “no- dig” pipe rehabilitation systems that use an impregnated epoxy liner inverted with air to form to the cracked or broken pipe. The pipe can be ambient cure within 3 hours or with steam assistance cure that takes less than an hour to cure; depending on contractor’s preference. Once cured, the pipe is a new structural pipe that also has a 50 year lifespan warranty. Many homeowners are turning to this trenchless method and saving themselves money! Just listen to this Happy Red Lily customer who is raving about their service and Perma-Liner™ systems. “I came home one day and there was sewer water all through my house. The plumber down the street from my house said my main line was broken and that it was going to be tens of thousands of dollars to fix. I panicked and called for a second opinion and my Saviors came to the door, Red Lilly Plumbing came and saved the day. They did such a wonderful job in keeping my yard looking great, they relined my sewer pipe without having to dig up my yard. I am so glad that I found them!” explained the happy customer. The customer was also happy about the Perma-Liner™ 50+ warranty! Visit www.perma-liner.com and find out how to save thousands of dollars on piping problems!

Red Lilly Plumbing and Rooter Since 1924 | Certified Installer
Red Lilly Plumbing and Rooter Since 1924 | Certified Installer

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Trenchless Pipe Lining

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