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Remedying Root Intrusion | Barker & Sons Interview

Barker & Sons

PLI installers are constantly innovating. Recently, Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter in Orange County, California used a variety of our products to resolve a root intrusion issue for a large home in Newport Beach. It took just a few hours to get the job done!

Installer Derrick Mallet has been installing with Perma-Liner equipment and materials for 7 years, including 1 with Barker and Sons. Mallet said, “I specifically use Perma-Liner for the dependability of the product. I can always count on Perma-Liner to be where it needs to be…” In this interview, Mallet shares the details on this installation project, his advice for fellow CIPP installers and his feedback on PLI products and service.

Date of Interview: 11/3/2020
Interview With: Derrick Mallet
Job Title: Trenchless Installer
Name of Company: Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter
# of Years as a PLI Customer: I’ve worked for Barker and Sons Plumbing for 1 year but have been installing with Perma-Liner equipment and materials for 7 years.
Name of People Performing the Install: Derrick Mallet, Luke Barker and Patrick Bornhop
Date of Install: 10/29/2020

Q: What were conditions like for your customer before you got the call for the job?
A: This was a large home with root intrusions in their area drain system. 

Q: What PLI products were used for the install?
A: We have a fully equipped Perma-Liner box truck that has all the equipment and materials we need. We used Perma-Liner’s 3″ scrim liner, blue cal tube, 2″ pull tape, our inversion tank, two 3″ 90 inversion heads with our Maverick Boiler System

Q: How did you cure?
A: We have the hot water system that includes the Maverick. We cooked the liner at 135° for 35 minutes and allowed it to cool down for 20 minutes. 

Q: How long was the shot?
A: It was a 51′ shot of 3″.

Q: What type of resins were used?
A: We used Perma-Liner’s 2-part epoxy with A and B Hot. 

Q: Can you provide an overview of the install?
A: The day before the install (10/28), our hydro jetting crew went out to remove all the roots and prep the liner so that when we arrived on the 29th the line was clear of all roots. Since we were installing into a schedule 20 area drainpipe, I wanted it really clean and prepped so we could get good adhesion to the host pipe. We got to the job site at 9:15 a.m. and started with a typical day of unloading the truck where everything needed to be. Everything is pretty self-contained already on the truck, which is great. We got measurements using our cameras. On this shot, we had to be exact because the root intrusions were just before the first drain of the drainage system and we were installing upstream. We installed from the exit in the drain in the curb, covering all the different joints in the pipe up to that drain. We used our Maverick boiler system, cooked at 135° for 35 minutes and allowed to cool to ground temperature for 20 minutes before we started cleanup. 

Q: How much time did the install take?
A: After cleaning up, we pulled away at 12:15 p.m. — so just 3 hours later the job was done!

Q: How did PLI products help with the install?
A: I specifically use Perma-Liner for the dependability of the product. I can always count on Perma-Liner to be where it needs to be — no stretch, very dependable and easy to use. Having the right equipment makes a difference. 

Q: Do you have any advice for a fellow installer or someone thinking about getting into the CIPP industry?
A: I recommend using Perma-Liner products and equipment with the Perma-Liner Inverter Tank to set you up well. Once you’re on the job, always be sure to prep your line so the job goes smoothly!  

Q: I know you’ve been a customer for 7 years. We thank you for your business and your time today. One last question, is there anything you’d like from Perma-Liner that we don’t currently offer?
A: I’ve been very happy with the product, using it 7 years and I’ve never had a problem. Actually, one time something did come up, but it was handled immediately so I’ve been happy.  My wish list item would be a climate control option for the truck to keep the resin cool while you’re driving around/storing resin in the truck. 

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