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Replacing Laterals in San Luis Obispo

Replacing Laterals in San Luis Obispo

Aging infrastructure is common around all areas of the country. Some more so than others. Residents across San Luis Obispo are getting their feel of old, broken sewer pipes. Some sewer laterals on private properties are starting to cause sewage overflows and the city is taking notice.

Recently, the City Council approved a new ordinance requiring sewer inspections under certain circumstances. Homeowners may think that’s great but they could easily be on the hook to pay for the cost of replacing a broken sewer pipe caused by root infestation that allows infiltration. These pipes are known as laterals and they run from the home to the city’s mainline in the street. Typically, homeowners are responsible for this and few are aware of this.

Pricing could run anywhere from $8,000 – $10,000 depending on severity. An inspection will take place to determine how bad the pipe is and if it requires repair using the CIPP method, a trenchless pipelining technology method without excavation.

The city is offering a $2,000 rebate for those homeowners who do have to pay out of pocket for repairs.

Residents who already replaced their sewer laterals dating back to 2017 are eligible for a $1,000 rebate.

There are approximately 12,000 private sewer laterals in San Luis Obispo, which 7,000 of those are located in capacity-constrained areas. The average length of a single-family residential private sewer lateral is 65 feet.

We find that many private sewer laterals are not routinely inspected, maintained, or repaired/replaced on an interval to ensure they are in good condition because the homeowners are unaware they are responsible for this until some bad arises.

Some of the events that could trigger an inspection include:

▪ private sewer overflow
▪ building permit applications for a bathroom or kitchen
▪ building permit applications for non-residential structures with plumbing fixtures
▪ subdivisions
▪ changes in ownership of property

If you are looking for information on a CIPP method of repairing sewer pipes, contact Perma-Liner™ Industries today. For 20 years, we have developed systems to rehabilitate existing sewer systems without excavation. Our experience in the CIPP industry has allowed us to design, patent and manufacture state of the art technology in order for us to repair structures without excavation.

Failing Pipeline? Act now!

Our patented cured-in-place pipe repair systems provide you with a solution to failing underground sewer and pipelines. Our extensive line of trenchless pipe repair systems can rehabilitate pipes ranging from 2″ – 48″ in diameter.

In addition to our underground pipe repair solutions, we also offer a wide array of vertical pipe repair solutions for high-rises, simple residential applications or industrial and factory facilities.

If you have a failing pipeline please reach out to us and chat with one of our highly skilled relining experts. That call could save you thousands of dollars on your broken pipe repair project.

Waterline Renewal Technologies
Waterline Renewal Technologies